fujoshi hell

bucky barnes

if i don't jack off to US propaganda they take away my medical benefits

but yeah like as someone w/ p bad diagnosed d.i.d. the
dissociative hot gay metal leather man really does it for me.
my favorite gay male fan videos, which i consider works of art in
their own right, and lay out before you like treasures.

criminal (bucky/steve)

i'm not really into steve unless he's simping & ruining
his life for bucky, which he is here, so 10 out of 10.
the britney spears track is great, Winter Soldier scenes
look fantastic synced up to basically any Britney song.

S & M (Dean/Castiel)

a cheesy 2011 classic that introduced me to the
concept of sadomasochism. and highlighted just
how much of that show consists of men giving &
receiving punishment in heavily eroticized ways.

control (Bucky)

i truly love this video. it's somewhat uncomfortable.
it relishes between the miserable and the erotic in a
deeply personal way. the music is overlaid with his
deep-throated, excrutiating screams. the hits land
sickly in time with the music. for me, a fan video
that lands on the line between memories you're try-
ing to forget + the unwanted fetishes they almost
inevitably emerge as; synced up to a song that i
played repeatedly when the album came out, in a
year i'm very grateful to have survived uwu

one in a million (bucky)

god these movies are propagandistic. anyway. we've got some great jealousy,
staring longingly at your Bro moments, crotch shots, & most importantly the
awareness that your brain is increasingly turning into a mess & no visible
relief in sight. something about Steve seeing Bucky turn into something else
and trying to get him back, & not wanting to fully acknowledge that Bucky has
always been a more complicated/flawed person than he wanted to admit, really
is cathartic in more ways than one.

Rasputin (Winter Soldier): other than being really well-done, this deserves a nod
because the actor who plays Bucky/WS linked this video on his own Instagram.
You know my name (Winter Soldier): just cool as hell, well done, and very
much a hidden gem. a classic "look how hot and cool this dude is" video.
I miss the miserery (Winter Soldier): ah the song that launched 1000 breakdowns
The meat is bitter... deserves bonus points for being an AU in which
Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham eat Bucky Barnes from the MCU.
Love Lockdown (Bucky): Because if you can't enjoy the most absolutely
overwrought videos, what's the point - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
anyway I was really feeling the "system overload" moment here but
that might also be because i don't see my therapist for another 2 weeks
I wanna be your slave (Winter Soldier) which is just so fucking horny
so what (Winter Soldier): with a three days grace song, it's peak
2000s over-the-top man angst, capped off by the description which reads
"you don't have to be diagnosed insane to be crazy it can just be the way
you express yourself." thank you YouTube user Loucious Jones for this wisdom.
Animal I Have Become: just because this song basically
invented my mental illness in 2006

bucky barnes